Daily Prompt: Quirk of Habit

What is quirky, but a reflection of who you are. Its nothing to be dubbed as ‘annoying’ or ‘loveable’ rather just a representation of what is you, what is true. To accept your quirk is to accept that you are uniquely you, you are just being you. No sentiments, no labels, no I am this or I am that, but perhaps a self acceptance or self realization that quirky is, not what is quirky. Because what is quirky to one; is cool to another, but just an is to all. 

*All daily prompts are via The Daily Post, today’s prompt.


Magical Flame

She looked within to find something she was searching. Something she had never lost yet never found. She decided that only within the depths of the unknown she would find what she was looking for. All her life she had been searching without realizing what she was searching for. She never stopped, she never gave up and she never abandoned her search. Her search was the bright light of a flashlight amongst the darkness she felt all around her. Into the darkness she would dive in daily. She shined the bright warm light all around the darkness, and that darkness became light. She continued to light whatever was dark, because darkness can not exist where there is light. With that light as her companion, her search had meaning and purpose. That purpose is to bring forth all the beauty that is hidden by darkness, to ignite a magical flame that will forever burn.