Many times we are too afraid to step out, let the world hear our voice, share what we have to offer all because of this little nonsense voice inside our heads that somehow talks us into believing that we are not good enough, and perhaps that we may never be enough. Stop right here, because you know what, as you are…you are enough. Think about it, you are a walking, talking, breathing miracle…living in paradise, you just have to awaken yourself to it, and be willing to realize it. If you have dreams, passions, goals or aspirations…follow through. It doesn’t matter if you think its not “original” or  its not good enough, because it is. We all have our own contribution and services to give to the world, its coming from you, that in itself is unique.

Anything you have a burning desire to do, do it and don’t go down the what if highway. Its not about comparison or competition that will get you far, but its about being who you are and realizing that you have a gift to offer. You are you, and you cannot be and will not be someone else.


What Matters

Kindness is the answer
Compassion is the essence
Infinite is the nature
Whole is the being
You are the creator.

Be who you are if you aren’t you then you are no one.

Loving yourself is an inside job, literally…there is no other way around it. Years of self hate, criticism, I’m not good enough, I’m less than, and I’m worthless are symptoms of the self hate “disease”. The “disease” makes us feel like a victim, and somehow convinces us that we are wrong to think any other way…after all aren’t we all supposed to be extremely hard on ourselves and never cut ourselves any slack? If this sounds like you then you’ve contracted the “disease”.

Loving means feeling, showing, or indicating love and affection. Just like how you feel, show, indicate love for your cat, dog, spouse, mom, etc…you need to do the same for yourself. Its very easy to say, “yeah of course I love myself”, but do you really? When was the last time you complimented yourself? When was the last time you said, “I love my body”? When was the last time you actually told yourself, “I love you”? Little daily practices like such will not only help to build up your self-esteem, but also your self-love. Now it won’t be an overnight process, but remember its more important to have patience and do the work necessary.

I am a “victim” of this disease too and I know what its like to hate yourself. Years and years of convincing myself that I am not better than or I am less than this person, not having the confidence to look at someone in the eye when I spoke, or crying myself to sleep at night because of how miserable I felt. The bottom line to all my symptoms was I had convinced myself that I was meant to be this way and it constantly consumed my mind. I decided to dig deeper inside myself to focus on how I feel when I hate myself, when I worry and when I disrespect myself. How do I feel? I don’t feel good. Then I thought about how I feel when I when I’m smiling, inspired and content? I feel good. So wouldn’t I want to feel good all the time? Yes! Just force a smile and it will instantly make you feel better.

My go to way of easing the pain of self hate is focusing on my breath and as I breathe out saying, “I release these thoughts”. This provides more clarity and calm.

Everyone has the potential to love themselves and you are who you are. It is about learning to embrace that, and truly believing it. Believing in yourself is loving yourself, and when you’ve accepted that, you are unstoppable. Start your day with saying thank you and I love you to yourself. It signifies the appreciation and respect you have for yourself. Surround yourself with images, quotes, people that bring you joy, support and inspire you, they will be your guide on the path back to LOVE.

Let go and Let flow

As I sit here and look at the rippling tides bobbing their tiny heads up and down on top of the blueish/greenish water, I see the flow of life. These tiny tides have no care in the world and know that they are just a mere reflection of the nature of God, in them lives unconditional love filled with an easiness to know nothing, be nothing but only be. At times when obstacles seem too grand and the storm just doesn’t seem to pass, I will think of these little bobbing heads grazing the surface of the water, slowly yet confidently making their way to kiss and caress the sand on the beach. Moments like such have taught me so much about my own creation. I too must remain in the belief that everything is happening for my highest good and there is no rush in the creative process because the obstacle is the path, it is the journey. To realize this awareness is to know that no matter what happens, the Universe has my back. I must believe in order to see. I must not dwell and ponder, but let go and only flow.

In awareness lies my ability to fully experience, to breathe in the moment as if I am sealing it within the walls of my chest letting its essence take over my body, mind and spirit. Staying aware just takes a mental shift in perception, and in your ability to release from the mind everything that is not needed. There never will be a perfect thought, but there can be a perfect, complete and whole moment. Live here. To live in the moment is the greatest sense of awareness you can feel. It is not a matter of trying to control, but rather about letting it flow. Feel it, release it and move forward. Step by step, little by little the mountain can be moved, just know that each passing moment is just as special as the one before or after. All you need to do is stop judging and begin accepting.