What is, shall be. What is not, shall not be

It was one of those days when you could feel the silence that lingered within the room as though it had crept into your being and quieted everything down. A serene sense of peace smothered you as the silence settled in. You didn’t resist it. You didn’t even try to stop it, but rather you just welcomed it in. Closely with it you sat, as if you were holding its hand tightly and could feel the warmth entangled between both of your fingers. There was never an ounce of doubt in your mind that it would let go of your hand to make its way out, because with its invitation came a knowingness of “What is, shall be. What is not, shall not be”. That was your way of allowing the presence of peace to come forth and take you into its embrace. Together all three of you sat, hand in hand, heart in heart, blissfully cohabiting the same space, but in three very different ways. It was what was felt that really mattered, not what was seen or heard. For just being seen and heard meant something different than feeling. Feeling was the language of lovers, for it was the only thing that has the ability to dissolve, tear apart and remove walls or even mountains. It didn’t need a reason or perfect timing, it came either invited or as a guest. Because of its utter belief in all things unique, beautiful and true. It entered as a gentle glow of a candlelight in a dark room to ignite and lighten the darkness that somberly rested all around it. That was enough for it. It didn’t want anything more or desired anything different, for its only real task was one of light, truth and love. To open all hearts to such a thing because its heart wasn’t any different than anyone else’s, it knew that. And it was sharing with others its knowing. It was sharing its glow and igniting the unlit torches of the soul into magical flames of energy and absolute truth of being, the divine infinity of its own creation.

{KP 11.18.13}


The Dyer Dozen

I recently watched Dr. Wayne Dyer’s PBS special on the Power of Intention and become totally inspired by what he calls “The Dyer Dozen”. Here they are below:

1. Want more for others, than want for yourself.
2. Think from the end. See yourself surrounded by the people, events that you want. Affirmation: I can create what I want for myself and know that its already here.
3. To be an appreciator of yourself. Have more value for yourself.
4. Stay in rapport with source energy (the universe), be in a state of harmony with the source. Ask yourself, “Is this how my source thinks?”
5. Every thought that you have, which is not emanated from your source is resistance.
6. Contemplate yourself surrounded by the conditions you want to produce. You are one with source.
7. Understand the art of allowing. Allowing means taking the path of least resistance, every resistance thought is an absence of allowing. Ask yourself, “How much energy can I pull from my source?”
8. Practice radical humility.
9. Be in a constant state of gratitude.
10. Keep in mind that you can never resolve a problem by condemning it.
11. Play the match game. “Am I matched up with the field of Intention/my source?”
12. Meditate, make it a practice. Its your way of staying connected to source. You cannot be and are not separate from God.

Let go and Let flow

As I sit here and look at the rippling tides bobbing their tiny heads up and down on top of the blueish/greenish water, I see the flow of life. These tiny tides have no care in the world and know that they are just a mere reflection of the nature of God, in them lives unconditional love filled with an easiness to know nothing, be nothing but only be. At times when obstacles seem too grand and the storm just doesn’t seem to pass, I will think of these little bobbing heads grazing the surface of the water, slowly yet confidently making their way to kiss and caress the sand on the beach. Moments like such have taught me so much about my own creation. I too must remain in the belief that everything is happening for my highest good and there is no rush in the creative process because the obstacle is the path, it is the journey. To realize this awareness is to know that no matter what happens, the Universe has my back. I must believe in order to see. I must not dwell and ponder, but let go and only flow.

In awareness lies my ability to fully experience, to breathe in the moment as if I am sealing it within the walls of my chest letting its essence take over my body, mind and spirit. Staying aware just takes a mental shift in perception, and in your ability to release from the mind everything that is not needed. There never will be a perfect thought, but there can be a perfect, complete and whole moment. Live here. To live in the moment is the greatest sense of awareness you can feel. It is not a matter of trying to control, but rather about letting it flow. Feel it, release it and move forward. Step by step, little by little the mountain can be moved, just know that each passing moment is just as special as the one before or after. All you need to do is stop judging and begin accepting.

Life is your move

The writer within me tells me to write, but the thinker within me says this is not a good time, you can barely focus. How are you gonna be able to put two words together that make sense? The writer responds, its not making words into sentences or even making sense, its expression. Expression of the soul. There is never a perfect time or a right time for expression…anytime is the perfect time. Its up to you to make the move, to start. Expression is infinite, boundless and limitless. Its eternal. Express yourself!