rare occurrence


Miracles occur naturally in nature.

I have never seen, heard or even fathomed the possibility that the word miracle could be used in such a way. What I like to refer to as the 95% {people}, see miracles as black and white, a rarity, something that happens to a person who is ‘lucky’ or even as a rare occurrence.

But have you ever wondered what a miracle is, what its components or secret ingredients are, how you can make miracles happen for you? I have. Miracles are like lightening that ever so quietly yet quickly shatter the stainless steel mind of matter into ity bity tiny pieces sending shocks of sensation through every inch of your body…to form a visual clarity that you can taste and grasps onto…it amends to your reality, the state of being as you are.

Don’t sit here and count on miracles to grasp tightly onto your hand and walk you through life, but simply remember that miracles occur, but in divine timing and they are in fact part of your everyday existence, just look around!

Be mindfully present in the moment that is now. Live this moment with passion. See this life {your life} as a miracle, love it deeply.