Power of Intention

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In this video I share why I started a YouTube channel, overcoming fear and expressing yourself!
“Don’t die with your music still in you” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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The Dyer Dozen

I recently watched Dr. Wayne Dyer’s PBS special on the Power of Intention and become totally inspired by what he calls “The Dyer Dozen”. Here they are below:

1. Want more for others, than want for yourself.
2. Think from the end. See yourself surrounded by the people, events that you want. Affirmation: I can create what I want for myself and know that its already here.
3. To be an appreciator of yourself. Have more value for yourself.
4. Stay in rapport with source energy (the universe), be in a state of harmony with the source. Ask yourself, “Is this how my source thinks?”
5. Every thought that you have, which is not emanated from your source is resistance.
6. Contemplate yourself surrounded by the conditions you want to produce. You are one with source.
7. Understand the art of allowing. Allowing means taking the path of least resistance, every resistance thought is an absence of allowing. Ask yourself, “How much energy can I pull from my source?”
8. Practice radical humility.
9. Be in a constant state of gratitude.
10. Keep in mind that you can never resolve a problem by condemning it.
11. Play the match game. “Am I matched up with the field of Intention/my source?”
12. Meditate, make it a practice. Its your way of staying connected to source. You cannot be and are not separate from God.