How to get Back on Track

In this video I share a personal story of a “slip up”, what I learned and how to get back on track. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is get started and to begin again when we slip up. It’s all a matter of understanding what message your slip up has for you, as well as how you choose to identify with it.

Please share below, how you’ve overcome your own slip ups. If you found this video helpful, give me a tweet at @DEARKAJAL and/or share it with a friend. I would appreciate that 🙂

Have a great weekend!



What is Anxiety?

You feel your heart hysterically screaming, yelling, pounding on your chest walls as if enlarged twice its size and beating faster than the speed of light. You try to softly sing it a lullaby that oozes with sweetness to help it make sense of what it’s feeling and why it’ll be okay. The hysteria just keeps getting worse, and you feel like you’re losing a battle that wasn’t even yours to win.

This scenario is all too familiar, but ever wonder why anxiety lurks up?

When we don’t take action, this is what causes anxiety.
Anxiety can only exist when we live in the future.

Anxiety is a symptom of fear based thoughts, which are usually irrational. Irrational because they are not real, they are just an illusion of your worry-some mind. It has convinced you that feeling this way is 100% normal, a-okay. And we repetitively keep letting ourselves feel this way because its the only way we know how to feel.

What now? How do you fix it, make amends with your anxiety?

Heal yourself. Healing is to make whole and complete.

How to?

Use this simple phrase throughout your day, “I love……{fill in the blank}”. Do this as often as you need to during the day. The point of this is to shift your focus or perception inward, to you.

For example:
I love writing, traveling, inspiring others.

Then pick 1 thing that you love and do that 1 thing. When you’re taking action and allowing that passive energy to be released, you’ll also release anxiety. Eventually, you will begin to center yourself as you shift your attention onto all the lovely things that make up who you are.

The most important thing is to keep up with it and make it a part of your spiritual practice. The only way to master something is to keep at it; even when you don’t want to.

Remember: passive energy without action is laziness, which increases anxiety.