As I sat under the oak tree I realized that all of life was in me and I was in all of life. I and everything around me represented the whole of existence. It was subtly resting, nestling and nudging all throughout this world, as a way of letting itself out. The subtly in its expression was simple, pure and gentle like the eternal emotions of joy, happiness and peace. All you had to do was feel its vibration in your being to understand how everything in this life comes to a complete circle. How everything is oneness and a representation of the god-conscious energy that is the heartbeat of all of life, the frequency at which your heartbeat matches the consciousness of your knowingness of love. Its a forever presence that indicates your ability to recognize the love in your heart, in others and in the world. As you become aware of this energy you begin to be more accepting of yourself and of everyone  that you encounter. These encounters are a holy communion as two god present souls come into contact and oneness because of the love present in their being. This way of living and ascending in life is the path to self-actualization and self-knowledge.



Many times we are too afraid to step out, let the world hear our voice, share what we have to offer all because of this little nonsense voice inside our heads that somehow talks us into believing that we are not good enough, and perhaps that we may never be enough. Stop right here, because you know what, as you are…you are enough. Think about it, you are a walking, talking, breathing miracle…living in paradise, you just have to awaken yourself to it, and be willing to realize it. If you have dreams, passions, goals or aspirations…follow through. It doesn’t matter if you think its not “original” or  its not good enough, because it is. We all have our own contribution and services to give to the world, its coming from you, that in itself is unique.

Anything you have a burning desire to do, do it and don’t go down the what if highway. Its not about comparison or competition that will get you far, but its about being who you are and realizing that you have a gift to offer. You are you, and you cannot be and will not be someone else.

New Year Resolutions?

It’s that time of the year again where everyone is thinking what their New Year Resolutions will be. This year, I am doing something different. For the year 2014, I am choosing to take a conscious approach rather than following a goal-oriented, results based method. Why? Because the ‘typical’ way of making a New Year Resolution is too heavily focused on the end result, rather than the process. In 2014 for me, its all about the process, the journey and most of all the feelings. Therefore, inspired by Danielle LaPorte and her Core Desire Feelings mapping, I have chosen to focus on my core desire feelings for 2014. I chose 5 core desire feelings:

1. Joy 2. Abundance 3. Synergy 4. Inspired 5. Connection

These are the top 5 feelings I am/want to feel in 2014; and the activities I choose, the way I live and how I approach my life is based on these feelings. Its not about changing yourself to become a better version of yourself, its about BEING yourself and focusing on what that means to you. Choose to just BE and forget about becoming. When you focus on your being, you can express it fully as well as choose how you want to feel at all times. So this year, I invite you to ditch making New Year Resolutions and instead focus on your core desire feelings. What makes you come alive, what make you feel connected with your inner self, what is joy for you? Ask yourself a few questions and get mapping on your desired feelings!

I’ve also made a video about this topic, which you can watch here.

Share below what your core desire feelings for 2014 are. Happy Monday!

“It’s not what we have but what we enjoy that constitutes our abundance.” – Epicurus

Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude plays a very important role in my life. Its the one thing that I begin and end my day with, its the one thing that has changed my life in seconds and its the one that allows me to expand my awareness a little every single day. Harboring the attitude of gratitude is the way I choose to live my life! I recently made a video about the importance of having an attitude of gratitude and share a personal story, you watch it here.

On my YouTube, I am hosting a giveaway to give thanks, and to give something to the seekers who are choosing to better their life and expand their consciousness. You can watch the video and enter the giveaway, here.

UntitledkloThank you for taking the time to read my blog, but most of all seeking out knowledge!

Her Knowing, Her Truth

For she sat between what was real and what was not. She didn’t really ever think to consider anything else other than the pure state of bliss and joy she felt deeply engraved onto her being. At times she would be reminded that this outer world is just a mere reflection of a bunch of thoughts, ideas, perceptions and attitudes. She didn’t think it necessary to adopt any such meanings to her viewpoint because her view was undefinable yet unexplainable. It was just the silent calm of knowing and the strong powerful arms of truth, who were her guide in this realm of illusion and suffering. They loved her deeply and stood by her as a light thin layer of glowing fog, which she didn’t know of because she could only feel them as a gentle little ladybug sitting on her palm. It was all she ever needed and all they ever wanted, was to see her beautiful mesmerizing smile that she wore proudly day in and day out, because she had an inner knowing and indestructible truth that she is and would be alright.

Life Purpose Exercise

Jot down this question on a piece of paper, think for a few and then let the words flow out. Below is my {unedited} answer to the question.

Q: What do I think is the purpose of humanity?

A: To evolve consciously in a deeper understanding of their truth, to learn self acceptance, self love and self embodiment. To see everything and everyone as a whole identity of the oneness. To realize that we have the power, the knowledge and the ability to live harmoniously together in a world that is filled with abundant love, kindness and compassion. Where everyday is a day in heaven; in the heaven of the soul and spirit. Where we are all being constantly guided to listen to our trueness. Believing in our light to make and create a life that is reflection of who we are as spiritual beings.

Challenges are not setbacks

Challenges are not setbacks, they are hidden meanings that guide our experiences. They are like an arrow pointed at an aim, a dream. Challenges are the strain that is pulling back the arrow, but it will only be held in this way for so long. The arrow will release with a enormous amount of force ripping through the air to finally hit its target, the dream. Look at challenges as a representation of an arrow and bow, and know that when challenges are encountered, they will always pave the way for you to shine bigger and brighter.

The Dyer Dozen

I recently watched Dr. Wayne Dyer’s PBS special on the Power of Intention and become totally inspired by what he calls “The Dyer Dozen”. Here they are below:

1. Want more for others, than want for yourself.
2. Think from the end. See yourself surrounded by the people, events that you want. Affirmation: I can create what I want for myself and know that its already here.
3. To be an appreciator of yourself. Have more value for yourself.
4. Stay in rapport with source energy (the universe), be in a state of harmony with the source. Ask yourself, “Is this how my source thinks?”
5. Every thought that you have, which is not emanated from your source is resistance.
6. Contemplate yourself surrounded by the conditions you want to produce. You are one with source.
7. Understand the art of allowing. Allowing means taking the path of least resistance, every resistance thought is an absence of allowing. Ask yourself, “How much energy can I pull from my source?”
8. Practice radical humility.
9. Be in a constant state of gratitude.
10. Keep in mind that you can never resolve a problem by condemning it.
11. Play the match game. “Am I matched up with the field of Intention/my source?”
12. Meditate, make it a practice. Its your way of staying connected to source. You cannot be and are not separate from God.

Here is what I know…

  • Life is BEAUTIFUL
  • Don’t go searching for your best friend, you already have one. It’s YOU
  • Nothing is a coincidence, everything happens for a reason
  • Never give up on yourself, you are stronger than you think
  • You always have a choice
  • No amount of money is worth it, if you aren’t doing what you love
  • Being authentic means to embrace all assets of who you are
  • You are no better or less than anyone
  • Life is responding to you not happening to you
  • You are in charge of what you keep inside of you
  • Don’t let other people’s opinion define your worthiness
  • The flip side to confusion is clarity
  • When the student is ready the teacher will appear
  • You are what you eat
  • You can’t breathe in the past or in the future. You can breathe only in the now.
  • The opposite of fear is love
  • It’s all the conscious little decisions you take that create the big picture
  • Don’t underestimate the power of your breathe
  • You are a physical expression of Love
  • Laugh at yourself
  • Trust yourself. You always know
  • You have to be the love and acceptance you are seeking
  • This too shall pass
  • Embrace the unknown
  • Your mirror is lying to you. Its only showing its perspective of you

Reading this list sure does make me feel good. Make one for yourself. What things can you count on? What do you know? Share below!

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