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In this video I share why I started a YouTube channel, overcoming fear and expressing yourself!
“Don’t die with your music still in you” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Her Knowing, Her Truth

For she sat between what was real and what was not. She didn’t really ever think to consider anything else other than the pure state of bliss and joy she felt deeply engraved onto her being. At times she would be reminded that this outer world is just a mere reflection of a bunch of thoughts, ideas, perceptions and attitudes. She didn’t think it necessary to adopt any such meanings to her viewpoint because her view was undefinable yet unexplainable. It was just the silent calm of knowing and the strong powerful arms of truth, who were her guide in this realm of illusion and suffering. They loved her deeply and stood by her as a light thin layer of glowing fog, which she didn’t know of because she could only feel them as a gentle little ladybug sitting on her palm. It was all she ever needed and all they ever wanted, was to see her beautiful mesmerizing smile that she wore proudly day in and day out, because she had an inner knowing and indestructible truth that she is and would be alright.

Three Habits of Happiness

1. Gratitude

  • Your life is the biggest blessing you’ve received, give thanks for it and everything in it everyday.

2. Savor

  • Live in awareness of the present moment, savor it, taste it, experience it, live (verb) it.

3. Find meaning in your work

  • Be passionate, do it for the love and have believe in yourself.


40 Day Kirtan Kriya Meditation

In this video, I talk about the Kundalini Yoga Mediation taught by Yogi Bhajan called, Kirtan Kriya Meditation. This meditation is great for breaking habits, emotional balance and overall clarity and calmness. It also helps eliminate negative thoughts and allows for a positive state of mind. The mantra used in this meditation is designed to be uplifting. The sounds comes from the words SAT NAM, which means “Truth I Am”.

The Mediation is done for either 12 minutes or 31 minutes for 40 days {or for however long you would like}. The reason 40 days is suggested is because it takes that amount of time to break a habit and make it last long term.

If you have any questions, please leave them below.  Sat Nam.

What is Fear?

It’s not who you are that holds you back, It’s who you think you’re not.

For sometime now I’ve been very seriously contemplating following this voice, my intuition, inside me that keeps pestering me. Its saying to make that YouTube video. This voice has been telling me to take action for about a year now and every time I even start to ponder that becoming a possibility, an immense amount of fear comes forth. The loud obnoxious noise of fear hits my heart like I’ve hit head on into a concrete wall. The pain and anxiety set in as questions flood my mind: what the heck would I have to share, why would anyone want to watch me? Then self sabotage follows:  I am not smart, I look like freak on camera, gosh I hate the way I sound. I’ve gone through this viscous cycle way too many times, and I say NO MORE. Fear I will no longer let you run the freaking show…I am going to finally take over.

What is FEAR?

False Evidence Appearing Real

There is absolutely no truth behind our fears, they are other people’s perceptions and garbage that they’ve thrown up onto us and for some reason we feel it to be true for us.  What we think, we feel. What we feel, becomes our belief. What becomes our belief, becomes our truth. Every single feeling comes from our own thinking or what someone else thinks. And our thinking is a by product of our thoughts. We have the power to change our thoughts {no one can think for you, only you can}; therefore, change our thinking and what we BELIEVE to be true for ourselves.

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. Use your fear as a compass that is showing you where you should go. Use it to EMPOWER you. Use it as FUEL. Take a step, make a change even a teeny tiny one. Don’t let anymore time pass you by because before you  know it, the time will be up and your light, magnificence, brilliance and love will go unshared with the world. You HAVE something to share. SHARE IT!

Without Fear. With Love.


Sometimes I can’t help but sit back and look at the physicality of my surroundings. I’m immersed and consumed by things. Things here, there and everywhere. I feel a sense of urgency to get away from all these things, to set myself free, allow the light within my soul to shine. These things aren’t necessarily holding me back, but I don’t understand their purpose. What is their purpose? To provide happiness, contentment, peace, safety, meaning, pride or fullness? Or is it to keep you in an illusion that there is always something better than what you’ve already got. Within these things lie feelings of restlessness, an eagerness to get more and be more. Sometimes even more doesn’t feel enough. No matter how many things you accumulate; there is always a sense of lack and a continuing desire for more.

I try to reason with myself, tell myself these aren’t the beautiful phenomenons of this world; they are just its made up commodities. The beauty lies in trees, flowers, mountains, forests, rivers, oceans, wanderlust, the living and breathing souls that populate the Earth. Within them rests the truest essence of beauty, but not many look at them with awe or even appreciation. They merely just exist, waiting to be noticed and seen. When I see a cat, I see a soul looking back at me whose eyes speak words that only my soul can decipher, but the emotions are felt all through my body. The translation of this exchange shows up on the lines between my lips that curve upwards to form a gentle smile. In these moments my soul, mind and the body feel deeply rooted and connected to one another in harmonious oneness. I live for these moments, these experiences that shape my internal condition into a bright glow of light, which shines from within my center only sending vibrations of love, forever.

Soul vs. Spirit

Like most of us I was unaware of anything to do with the words Spirit or Soul. I had heard these words before, but I’d never really understood their meaning. The dictionary definition of:

Soul – the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe (via)

Spirit – the activating or essential principle influencing a person or the vital principle held to give life to physical organisms (via)

To simplify, the soul is the embodiment of you beyond the physical form, it is who you are. You are life. You are a soul in a body. The soul chooses the body, the body does not choose the soul. Think of the body as the vessel the Soul embodies, but it is guided by Spirit to navigate this journey of life. So what is Spirit then? Spirit is your inward expression, the driving force behind what we think, say and do. It is your ‘true being’. The first step to a spiritual awakening is to know that Spirit is your innermost self, the Inner Center. We are first and foremost spiritual beings here on Earth for a purpose, to learn and spread Love. Therefore, the more aware you become of your thoughts, the more aware you are of your Spirit, your authentic self.

What does it mean to be Spiritual then?

To be spiritual means to be aware and in alignment with your Spirit. Once you gain an awareness of it you understand that looking inward is the only way to allow your external conditions to mirror how you feel inside. Many of us think its the other way around, that the external conditions dictate the internal condition. That is why we always tie our happiness, fulfillment, feeling of satisfaction, worthiness and success to people and external things, and when things don’t go right or people disappoint us we feel it internally, think something is wrong with that person or me. Creating an awareness of how you talk to yourself is a great place to begin. Do you talk down to yourself? Are you always self critical? Are you always judging yourself? We are our biggest critic and our best friend. Start by just being a friend to yourself. Then start to look at the beliefs you have about yourself, people, happiness, money, relationships, etc. and really try to see how that belief is only limiting you. If it is not serving you then you are only creating suffering and pain. Let it go. Remember: Your internal condition reflects your external experiences. Get down with looking inward for answers. That is where they are. The Universe has got your back, trust.


I deeply love and appreciate myself.
I choose to let go of the beliefs that no longer serve me.