Daily Prompt: But No Cigar

This close is a beautiful asimily for when you are trying so hard to control the outcome in your favor; however, the outcome does not happen as so. Instead, the outcome is usually something you don’t want to happen or did not anticipate happening. Like everything in life, even this close, has meaning and some truth behind it. This close is a representation of control. Controlling so life will go in your favor, rather than you going in the favor of life. However, it can be misunderstood as ‘what the heck went wrong’ or ‘where did I mess up here’. The emphasis is too often placed on what could I have done differently or better to rig the outcome in my favor. Very rarely is it looked at as, this had to happen in order for something else to happen. It happened because thats how its supposed to unfold for me to gain the most amount of understanding of life and grow as a spirit. All spiritual growth happens when either shit hits the fan, when we are faced with situations that are not controllable or when we deal with pain. All this eventually culminates to an awakening of something within that causes us to look at and live life different. Not until life slaps you across the face, do you really understand what it means to be alive.

*All daily prompts are via The Daily Post, today’s prompt.


Daily Prompt: Quirk of Habit

What is quirky, but a reflection of who you are. Its nothing to be dubbed as ‘annoying’ or ‘loveable’ rather just a representation of what is you, what is true. To accept your quirk is to accept that you are uniquely you, you are just being you. No sentiments, no labels, no I am this or I am that, but perhaps a self acceptance or self realization that quirky is, not what is quirky. Because what is quirky to one; is cool to another, but just an is to all. 

*All daily prompts are via The Daily Post, today’s prompt.

Daily Prompt: Forward

Life is a momentum, a pace by which the waves ride. For what it seems, you are either moving slow, fast, not moving at all or  just moving along. However, being with the flow is moving forward. You can only move forward once you’ve accepted the present, fully embraced it and have no rush to push forward. Then, you can relax into the moment and let the moment be your guide, next stepping stone to forward. Its not a process, but rather a way of feeling and knowing that forward is always there, it’ll always happen. The question is not how gracefully can you move forward, but how much grace can you occupy in the here and now. Life is about chance, change, growth, discovery, progress, learning and forward. As the famous lines say, “Life goes on”, thats what forward is. Stories all collectively moving forward for a better tomorrow; a greater cause and to be an authentic you, who is not bound by time or space; but by your knowing that forward is just a state of mind, not a place of being.

*All daily prompts are via The Daily Post, today’s prompt.

Daily Prompt: Heroic


I can’t remember much from when I was five, just like how I can’t really remember the early years of my life. My memory lacks in knowing anything to do with that point in time, it may have been to do with the environment I was in. See I was born in a little town in India where people didn’t really have hero’s, idol’s or even aspirations. Life was just about staying afloat, having enough food to put in your belly and making sure you had a roof over your head. I suppose the only people in my life who come anywhere close to being my hero, would be my parents. Although I would not define them as my hero; they were heroic in a way that I think is admirable. As an early 20 something year old with a young child is not necessarily the easiest thing to handle when you are still trying to make sense of your own life, and here you are left with making sense of your life, but also dealing with any repercussions your decisions would have on a senseless young child who you are responsible for. While my parents tried to make some sense of their lives, I was sent off to live with relatives. These relatives were nice, but they too hadn’t a clue about bringing up a child. I was left to fend for myself and give my life a new meaning. My new identity became molded by the environment, people and circumstances around me at that point. While looking back at that period in my life, I think I can say that I was my own hero, but at that point I didn’t know it. I took care of myself, wept with myself, wandered with myself and was my only friend. Although it was lonely and painful at times, it taught me to never leave my own side. It grew my strength all while exposing me at a very young age to the many colors of life.


Beside me always remaining, holding me, embracing me, but most of all loving me.
You showed me the light, the truth of who I am, you stood by my side, you pushed me to grow, discover and learn.
You understood me yet never tried to change me.
You are my companion.
You are my soul to the body.

*All daily prompts are via The Daily Post, today’s prompt.

Daily Prompt: The Outsiders

Your outside is your inside. What you see outside is what you hold inside. They are reflective of one another, just a like mirror reflects back what the mirror sees. There is no interpreting, dissecting, labeling or trying to make an identity of what you see because the outside is just the outer shell of the inside. It holds a matter of great value. It doesn’t try to shape it; rather it becomes shaped by the inside. The inside is what runs the show, what gives the outside life. Living with an awareness of what is the inside; is knowing that the outside is where the physicality is showcased. How you feel and live with your inside is how you will feel and see your outside. Change the way you look at your inside, change the way you identify with your outside. They are parallel lovers, two of the same kind yet heavily rested into their promising images of what they are. They are nothing but signs of life, breathe and this human earthly existence. To be lived on the outside, yet felt on the inside.

*I have challenged myself to write daily so I can grow, learn and see what words come out from within me. All daily prompts are via The Daily Post, today’s prompt.