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In this video I share why I started a YouTube channel, overcoming fear and expressing yourself!
“Don’t die with your music still in you” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Happy Monday! {remember you make the day, the day doesn’t make you}


What is, shall be. What is not, shall not be

It was one of those days when you could feel the silence that lingered within the room as though it had crept into your being and quieted everything down. A serene sense of peace smothered you as the silence settled in. You didn’t resist it. You didn’t even try to stop it, but rather you just welcomed it in. Closely with it you sat, as if you were holding its hand tightly and could feel the warmth entangled between both of your fingers. There was never an ounce of doubt in your mind that it would let go of your hand to make its way out, because with its invitation came a knowingness of “What is, shall be. What is not, shall not be”. That was your way of allowing the presence of peace to come forth and take you into its embrace. Together all three of you sat, hand in hand, heart in heart, blissfully cohabiting the same space, but in three very different ways. It was what was felt that really mattered, not what was seen or heard. For just being seen and heard meant something different than feeling. Feeling was the language of lovers, for it was the only thing that has the ability to dissolve, tear apart and remove walls or even mountains. It didn’t need a reason or perfect timing, it came either invited or as a guest. Because of its utter belief in all things unique, beautiful and true. It entered as a gentle glow of a candlelight in a dark room to ignite and lighten the darkness that somberly rested all around it. That was enough for it. It didn’t want anything more or desired anything different, for its only real task was one of light, truth and love. To open all hearts to such a thing because its heart wasn’t any different than anyone else’s, it knew that. And it was sharing with others its knowing. It was sharing its glow and igniting the unlit torches of the soul into magical flames of energy and absolute truth of being, the divine infinity of its own creation.

{KP 11.18.13}

Be You ♥

Sometime ago I was asked this question “Name one thing that you love about your everyday life?”

I sat there and pondered this question for a good few minutes, but my mind still drew blank. I started searching all the files in the cabinet of my brain categorized “Everyday Life”…absoluetly nothing was found. At that moment I had a huge slap of realization, an opheniny, the reason that I could not answer the question was because I didn’t love my life. Instead, my life was comprised of wishful thinking of all the people’s lives I wish I had and could live. A sad truth, but it holds held to be true for me, and probably tons of other people too.

We all get so caught up in wishing and wanting the lives of people we see on TV, in movies, in magazines or anyone who we think has it all. What the heck does having it all even mean? We gravitate towards this embodiment of happiness like a magnet and let jealously step into our consciousness. Clinging onto jealously we begin to think life is not fair, I’ll never be happy, rich enough, skinny enough or pretty enough. God, I so badly wish I could be him or her, I hate being me. The feeling of helplessness, pity, anger, unworthiness and sadness overwhelms the mind, as it continues to search for answers to why? These may be daunting to answer, but there is a solution: start loving yourself and believing that being you is your biggest strength, it is the x-factor. A simple change in your beliefs and perceptions about yourself are your get out of jail card: the jail of fear, fear of being you.

Our potential is only ever limited in the way that we say it is — the way allow it to be. – Panache Desai

TODAY, give yourself 5 compliments. Write them down, do this everyday. Why not just make a “Compliment Journal” while your at it? When you allow yourself to receive it from yourself, then only you open the door to allow and receive it from others. We can’t expect others to give us something that we can’t give ourselves. Its about retraining your mind to think differently about yourself.

Be who you are, be as you as you can be, thats why you are. Express your magnificence, your only purpose is to be who you came here to be. – Anita Moorjani