A Course in Miracles


Many times we are too afraid to step out, let the world hear our voice, share what we have to offer all because of this little nonsense voice inside our heads that somehow talks us into believing that we are not good enough, and perhaps that we may never be enough. Stop right here, because you know what, as you are…you are enough. Think about it, you are a walking, talking, breathing miracle…living in paradise, you just have to awaken yourself to it, and be willing to realize it. If you have dreams, passions, goals or aspirations…follow through. It doesn’t matter if you think its not “original” or  its not good enough, because it is. We all have our own contribution and services to give to the world, its coming from you, that in itself is unique.

Anything you have a burning desire to do, do it and don’t go down the what if highway. Its not about comparison or competition that will get you far, but its about being who you are and realizing that you have a gift to offer. You are you, and you cannot be and will not be someone else.


What is, shall be. What is not, shall not be

It was one of those days when you could feel the silence that lingered within the room as though it had crept into your being and quieted everything down. A serene sense of peace smothered you as the silence settled in. You didn’t resist it. You didn’t even try to stop it, but rather you just welcomed it in. Closely with it you sat, as if you were holding its hand tightly and could feel the warmth entangled between both of your fingers. There was never an ounce of doubt in your mind that it would let go of your hand to make its way out, because with its invitation came a knowingness of “What is, shall be. What is not, shall not be”. That was your way of allowing the presence of peace to come forth and take you into its embrace. Together all three of you sat, hand in hand, heart in heart, blissfully cohabiting the same space, but in three very different ways. It was what was felt that really mattered, not what was seen or heard. For just being seen and heard meant something different than feeling. Feeling was the language of lovers, for it was the only thing that has the ability to dissolve, tear apart and remove walls or even mountains. It didn’t need a reason or perfect timing, it came either invited or as a guest. Because of its utter belief in all things unique, beautiful and true. It entered as a gentle glow of a candlelight in a dark room to ignite and lighten the darkness that somberly rested all around it. That was enough for it. It didn’t want anything more or desired anything different, for its only real task was one of light, truth and love. To open all hearts to such a thing because its heart wasn’t any different than anyone else’s, it knew that. And it was sharing with others its knowing. It was sharing its glow and igniting the unlit torches of the soul into magical flames of energy and absolute truth of being, the divine infinity of its own creation.

{KP 11.18.13}


Miracles occur naturally in nature.

I have never seen, heard or even fathomed the possibility that the word miracle could be used in such a way. What I like to refer to as the 95% {people}, see miracles as black and white, a rarity, something that happens to a person who is ‘lucky’ or even as a rare occurrence.

But have you ever wondered what a miracle is, what its components or secret ingredients are, how you can make miracles happen for you? I have. Miracles are like lightening that ever so quietly yet quickly shatter the stainless steel mind of matter into ity bity tiny pieces sending shocks of sensation through every inch of your body…to form a visual clarity that you can taste and grasps onto…it amends to your reality, the state of being as you are.

Don’t sit here and count on miracles to grasp tightly onto your hand and walk you through life, but simply remember that miracles occur, but in divine timing and they are in fact part of your everyday existence, just look around!

Be mindfully present in the moment that is now. Live this moment with passion. See this life {your life} as a miracle, love it deeply.

Manifest 101

I know I am not the only one has heard the word manifest. We all probably first heard the term from the book, The Secret. Now I must admit, I thought it was a bunch of baloney; however, I have decided to give this word some insight.

What does Manifesting mean?
“Acquiring the experience of what it is you want to feel, and living in that experience, and then allowing that experience to come into form” – Gabrielle Bernstein

You are co-creating with the Universe, there are no such things as coincidences. Miracles occur naturally, and when they don’t something has gone wrong.

“Oh, I was thinking about that and it showed up”….thats how life is supposed to be. We get in the way, our limiting beliefs, our negative belief systemsfearsanxiety, our anger towards the past, our future tripping, All of this energy gets in the way of miracles to occur naturally. Therefore, we never realize all the abundance and good that is around….hence manifestation sounds like bulls***t.

How to Manifest? 

1. Clarity, get clear of what is that you want.

2. Get clear about the limiting beliefs, negative beliefs that are blocking you…preventing manifestation from happening.
Clean up your crap….believe in yourself. Believe it and be faithful to your belief. Do work that is needed to lease all those limiting beliefs (this will probably take some time…have patience). Look at how you are blocking yourself (we are speaking mentally here), and trust what the Universe/God will give you to tackle those limiting beliefs…they’ve got your back.

3. Healing….working on releasing the disbelief will be a daily process. The more we let go of the belief, the more we feel what it feels to be in the present of the manifestation.
“You cannot let your outside world dictate your internal condition, the outside world will reflect your internal condition”  –  Gabrielle Bernstein 
If you are letting the outside world tell you you’re not good enough then its a manifestation mishap…your allowing yourself to co-create that. The goal here to focus on the internal (on you).

4. Patience…
“Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety”
– A Course in Miracles 
Have that presence of being certain then we can allow, be in the know, be patient.

Start with cutting the crap out of your life…believing in yourself….to finally loving yourself.