“Transcending your limits into possibilities will set you free”.

“Change comes from making a commitment to see yourself differently”.

“The truth is what you choose to pull close to your heart and identify as yours”.

“The truth is merely a reflection of your knowingness of the infinite”.

“Your inner dialogue is an internal representation of the amount of self love evident within”.

“Dreams are for those who believe in the certainty of their soul”.

“Ride the wave, don’t resist it. Flow like water”.

“It’s our differences that enable us to love even deeper”.

“Joy and happiness are your radiance, they are your truth and they are forever your companions. The only thing is, will you accept?”

“You are a spiritual landscape. A masterpiece.”

“To be calm amongst the storm is true self care”.

“Without you there is no in”.

“Accept it. Embrace it. Know it.”

“Bad” things are just opportunities, there is nothing bad about it expect the thinking you attach to it”.

“Self love is self devotion”.

“The one that made you is also of whom you are made of”.

“Love yourself so you can see yourself”.

“By being the truth you allow for kindness, compassion and love to enter”.

“Possibilities are opportunities for you to go forth on a journey of self discovery”.

“Each day is a brand new opportunity to see yourself differently. Choose with Love”.

*All quotes are original and written by me*


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