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Just Comfortable ~ A writing exercise

A heavy blanket sits on my shoulder dragging along the ground, constantly getting caught on every root and rock I pass. Each pull, each catch, slows me until I am crawling on my hands and knees. In front of me is warm place, a place of peace where birds chirp and the sun always shines. It seems as if it is so close yet each obstacle slows me down more and more. Will they go away? Will I ever make it to my Eden? I run, I jog, I walk, I crawl viciously cycling through this endless wheel of doubt.

~ Anonymous

Through my own personal experiences I’ve learned writing is a great way to understand the invisible layers of thoughts that are going on in the mind. I asked a friend of mine to write for 5 minutes without thinking too much and just allowing the words to flow through onto paper. Then, I dissected the writing to help them gain clarity and understanding about what was going on (the above writing). From just the mere few written lines something astounding was discovered. The discovery was that, the blanket was something very dear to them as a child and it represented comfort and the feeling of safety. It still represents the same things today. Being ‘just comfortable’ whether in a relationship, studying only to pass an exam, or not having to step outside the box was how they lived their life. However, it caused a lot discomfort and an underlying itch to break free of this belief to live a more fulfilling life. The writing depicts the belief they have been holding on to since childhood and why it has become necessary to let go of it. By knowing this, we came up with a few things they could start doing on a daily basis to get past this subconsciousness belief. Today, this person has overcome so many of their fears and has really started to become who they really are!

Try this for yourself. Sit down with a pen and paper. Just write for 5 minutes (don’t stop, don’t read back on what you’ve written till the time is up) then go back and read what you’ve written. It will amaze you. If you’d like to gain a better understanding and get some insight on what you wrote, you can send me what you wrote titled ‘Words Within’ through the contact tab at the top right hand corner of the blog. I would love to help out!

Let go and Let flow

As I sit here and look at the rippling tides bobbing their tiny heads up and down on top of the blueish/greenish water, I see the flow of life. These tiny tides have no care in the world and know that they are just a mere reflection of the nature of God, in them lives unconditional love filled with an easiness to know nothing, be nothing but only be. At times when obstacles seem too grand and the storm just doesn’t seem to pass, I will think of these little bobbing heads grazing the surface of the water, slowly yet confidently making their way to kiss and caress the sand on the beach. Moments like such have taught me so much about my own creation. I too must remain in the belief that everything is happening for my highest good and there is no rush in the creative process because the obstacle is the path, it is the journey. To realize this awareness is to know that no matter what happens, the Universe has my back. I must believe in order to see. I must not dwell and ponder, but let go and only flow.

In awareness lies my ability to fully experience, to breathe in the moment as if I am sealing it within the walls of my chest letting its essence take over my body, mind and spirit. Staying aware just takes a mental shift in perception, and in your ability to release from the mind everything that is not needed. There never will be a perfect thought, but there can be a perfect, complete and whole moment. Live here. To live in the moment is the greatest sense of awareness you can feel. It is not a matter of trying to control, but rather about letting it flow. Feel it, release it and move forward. Step by step, little by little the mountain can be moved, just know that each passing moment is just as special as the one before or after. All you need to do is stop judging and begin accepting.