Daily Prompt: Heroic


I can’t remember much from when I was five, just like how I can’t really remember the early years of my life. My memory lacks in knowing anything to do with that point in time, it may have been to do with the environment I was in. See I was born in a little town in India where people didn’t really have hero’s, idol’s or even aspirations. Life was just about staying afloat, having enough food to put in your belly and making sure you had a roof over your head. I suppose the only people in my life who come anywhere close to being my hero, would be my parents. Although I would not define them as my hero; they were heroic in a way that I think is admirable. As an early 20 something year old with a young child is not necessarily the easiest thing to handle when you are still trying to make sense of your own life, and here you are left with making sense of your life, but also dealing with any repercussions your decisions would have on a senseless young child who you are responsible for. While my parents tried to make some sense of their lives, I was sent off to live with relatives. These relatives were nice, but they too hadn’t a clue about bringing up a child. I was left to fend for myself and give my life a new meaning. My new identity became molded by the environment, people and circumstances around me at that point. While looking back at that period in my life, I think I can say that I was my own hero, but at that point I didn’t know it. I took care of myself, wept with myself, wandered with myself and was my only friend. Although it was lonely and painful at times, it taught me to never leave my own side. It grew my strength all while exposing me at a very young age to the many colors of life.


Beside me always remaining, holding me, embracing me, but most of all loving me.
You showed me the light, the truth of who I am, you stood by my side, you pushed me to grow, discover and learn.
You understood me yet never tried to change me.
You are my companion.
You are my soul to the body.

*All daily prompts are via The Daily Post, today’s prompt.



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