Month: September 2013

40 Day Kirtan Kriya Meditation

In this video, I talk about the Kundalini Yoga Mediation taught by Yogi Bhajan called, Kirtan Kriya Meditation. This meditation is great for breaking habits, emotional balance and overall clarity and calmness. It also helps eliminate negative thoughts and allows for a positive state of mind. The mantra used in this meditation is designed to be uplifting. The sounds comes from the words SAT NAM, which means “Truth I Am”.

The Mediation is done for either 12 minutes or 31 minutes for 40 days {or for however long you would like}. The reason 40 days is suggested is because it takes that amount of time to break a habit and make it last long term.

If you have any questions, please leave them below.  Sat Nam.


The Encounter

A sense of calmness filled my mind
A sense of certainty loomed over my head.
In that moment, I knew that I had tapped into something far greater than I could ever imagine.
It represented a part of me that I had neglected, ignored, abandoned and even killed.
I saw it standing there, right in front of my own eyes and then some how it collided into me.
As if I had merged into it and it had melted into every inch of my being.
Never have I felt the same, it changed me, it took me out of my own head.
It took me to another world, that was the most familiar place I’d ever been to, but at the same time I’d never gone.
I couldn’t understand what was happening, or why it was happening. It just happened and I was along for the ride, witnessing every single breathe I took as it made its way deep into my lungs, nestling right in.
It felt like I was breathing in magic, fairy dust that ignited all my senses into a deep communion that was held together tighter than any knot I could possibly tie. With each breathe, I felt reawakened, re-assured that I was alright, I need not worry or fret. I simply must feel the feeling and drift away into the unknown of the most truthful thing I had ever encountered. That sense of stillness and calmness still lurks within me, even after I’ve awoken back to this delusional realm of reality, called ‘truth’. I carry, the aroma of its love with me as I continue on my adventures, and dive into the blue daily to uncover, discover and recover more of who I am.


Sometimes I sit and wonder
At all the marvel beauty.
Its so endless and unconfined
It emerges from nothing and floats back to nothing.
Its sincere and reads the lines of truth,
No form of pleasing or proving
Its just an essence,
A true depiction of creation and wholeness.
Its sings the hymns of love,
And dances in the breeze of freedom.
No apologies or worries
Its like a breathe of fresh air,
a white fluffy could drifting in the sky
And the light of the moon shinning down on water.

Magical Flame

She looked within to find something she was searching. Something she had never lost yet never found. She decided that only within the depths of the unknown she would find what she was looking for. All her life she had been searching without realizing what she was searching for. She never stopped, she never gave up and she never abandoned her search. Her search was the bright light of a flashlight amongst the darkness she felt all around her. Into the darkness she would dive in daily. She shined the bright warm light all around the darkness, and that darkness became light. She continued to light whatever was dark, because darkness can not exist where there is light. With that light as her companion, her search had meaning and purpose. That purpose is to bring forth all the beauty that is hidden by darkness, to ignite a magical flame that will forever burn.

Life Purpose Exercise

Jot down this question on a piece of paper, think for a few and then let the words flow out. Below is my {unedited} answer to the question.

Q: What do I think is the purpose of humanity?

A: To evolve consciously in a deeper understanding of their truth, to learn self acceptance, self love and self embodiment. To see everything and everyone as a whole identity of the oneness. To realize that we have the power, the knowledge and the ability to live harmoniously together in a world that is filled with abundant love, kindness and compassion. Where everyday is a day in heaven; in the heaven of the soul and spirit. Where we are all being constantly guided to listen to our trueness. Believing in our light to make and create a life that is reflection of who we are as spiritual beings.