Month: June 2013

Be You ♥

Sometime ago I was asked this question “Name one thing that you love about your everyday life?”

I sat there and pondered this question for a good few minutes, but my mind still drew blank. I started searching all the files in the cabinet of my brain categorized “Everyday Life”…absoluetly nothing was found. At that moment I had a huge slap of realization, an opheniny, the reason that I could not answer the question was because I didn’t love my life. Instead, my life was comprised of wishful thinking of all the people’s lives I wish I had and could live. A sad truth, but it holds held to be true for me, and probably tons of other people too.

We all get so caught up in wishing and wanting the lives of people we see on TV, in movies, in magazines or anyone who we think has it all. What the heck does having it all even mean? We gravitate towards this embodiment of happiness like a magnet and let jealously step into our consciousness. Clinging onto jealously we begin to think life is not fair, I’ll never be happy, rich enough, skinny enough or pretty enough. God, I so badly wish I could be him or her, I hate being me. The feeling of helplessness, pity, anger, unworthiness and sadness overwhelms the mind, as it continues to search for answers to why? These may be daunting to answer, but there is a solution: start loving yourself and believing that being you is your biggest strength, it is the x-factor. A simple change in your beliefs and perceptions about yourself are your get out of jail card: the jail of fear, fear of being you.

Our potential is only ever limited in the way that we say it is — the way allow it to be. – Panache Desai

TODAY, give yourself 5 compliments. Write them down, do this everyday. Why not just make a “Compliment Journal” while your at it? When you allow yourself to receive it from yourself, then only you open the door to allow and receive it from others. We can’t expect others to give us something that we can’t give ourselves. Its about retraining your mind to think differently about yourself.

Be who you are, be as you as you can be, thats why you are. Express your magnificence, your only purpose is to be who you came here to be. – Anita Moorjani


Things to remember…

photo 1. We are about as happy as we make up our minds to be.

2. Passion is the freedom of creativity without the burden of logic.

3. I, not the events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be.

4. Adventure is the courage to risk without the anxiety of judgement.

5. Whatever happens around you, don’t take it personally. Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves.

6. Everyone is afraid, I am successful because I am afraid and act anyway.

7. Its not what you think matters, but how you feel about what you think about that makes the real difference.

8. Instead of focusing on all the reasons it can’t be done, focus on the one reason it can be done, let that be your guide.

9. When you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

10. The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.

(A compilation of a few quotes/words that inspire me, hope they inspire you too).

Just Comfortable ~ A writing exercise

A heavy blanket sits on my shoulder dragging along the ground, constantly getting caught on every root and rock I pass. Each pull, each catch, slows me until I am crawling on my hands and knees. In front of me is warm place, a place of peace where birds chirp and the sun always shines. It seems as if it is so close yet each obstacle slows me down more and more. Will they go away? Will I ever make it to my Eden? I run, I jog, I walk, I crawl viciously cycling through this endless wheel of doubt.

~ Anonymous

Through my own personal experiences I’ve learned writing is a great way to understand the invisible layers of thoughts that are going on in the mind. I asked a friend of mine to write for 5 minutes without thinking too much and just allowing the words to flow through onto paper. Then, I dissected the writing to help them gain clarity and understanding about what was going on (the above writing). From just the mere few written lines something astounding was discovered. The discovery was that, the blanket was something very dear to them as a child and it represented comfort and the feeling of safety. It still represents the same things today. Being ‘just comfortable’ whether in a relationship, studying only to pass an exam, or not having to step outside the box was how they lived their life. However, it caused a lot discomfort and an underlying itch to break free of this belief to live a more fulfilling life. The writing depicts the belief they have been holding on to since childhood and why it has become necessary to let go of it. By knowing this, we came up with a few things they could start doing on a daily basis to get past this subconsciousness belief. Today, this person has overcome so many of their fears and has really started to become who they really are!

Try this for yourself. Sit down with a pen and paper. Just write for 5 minutes (don’t stop, don’t read back on what you’ve written till the time is up) then go back and read what you’ve written. It will amaze you. If you’d like to gain a better understanding and get some insight on what you wrote, you can send me what you wrote titled ‘Words Within’ through the contact tab at the top right hand corner of the blog. I would love to help out!