I am

I feel tightness in my chest as though a giant boulder is resting on my heart, my most prized possession. I feel confused, overwhelmed, lost, peace-less and even unaware of its presence, but one thing is for sure, I feel it! I begin to cage myself in so it won’t harm me, break my bones or be able to carve an imprint onto my canvas. I tell myself its just a feeling and this too shall pass, just like rain drops pouring out of a gray cloud. However this doesn’t pass and I begin to fret and worry. I think of all the ‘what if’ scenarios in my head playing them over and over like a song on a broken record. I cringe, I tap my foot on the cold concrete floor, I fiddle with my silky hair and I even try to listen to the sweet tunes of dancing strings on a guitar. Nothing seems to make this feeling disappear or make it go away. I continue to lose all grip and understanding like I’ve suddenly been thrown out of a plane in mid air, and gravity isn’t there to catch me. Its turned its back on me. The only thing that I feel now is tears filling my eyes making them wet, creating a pool of warm water as they embrace my delicate aurora of sight, hugging them tightly until finally letting go to flow like a water fall on to my cheek. Dripping of my sharp jaw to hit the crisp white paper allowing itself to settle right in. I repeat to myself I am…I am…I am…I am LOVE and let love tightly coil around me until I can only feel the sound of my heart in unity with my breathe.


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