Sometimes I can’t help but sit back and look at the physicality of my surroundings. I’m immersed and consumed by things. Things here, there and everywhere. I feel a sense of urgency to get away from all these things, to set myself free, allow the light within my soul to shine. These things aren’t necessarily holding me back, but I don’t understand their purpose. What is their purpose? To provide happiness, contentment, peace, safety, meaning, pride or fullness? Or is it to keep you in an illusion that there is always something better than what you’ve already got. Within these things lie feelings of restlessness, an eagerness to get more and be more. Sometimes even more doesn’t feel enough. No matter how many things you accumulate; there is always a sense of lack and a continuing desire for more.

I try to reason with myself, tell myself these aren’t the beautiful phenomenons of this world; they are just its made up commodities. The beauty lies in trees, flowers, mountains, forests, rivers, oceans, wanderlust, the living and breathing souls that populate the Earth. Within them rests the truest essence of beauty, but not many look at them with awe or even appreciation. They merely just exist, waiting to be noticed and seen. When I see a cat, I see a soul looking back at me whose eyes speak words that only my soul can decipher, but the emotions are felt all through my body. The translation of this exchange shows up on the lines between my lips that curve upwards to form a gentle smile. In these moments my soul, mind and the body feel deeply rooted and connected to one another in harmonious oneness. I live for these moments, these experiences that shape my internal condition into a bright glow of light, which shines from within my center only sending vibrations of love, forever.



  1. Great read! Yea i agree, the truest happiness lies in nature. That happiness doesn’t need to be explained, it just is. Like today I stepped outside and felt a gentle breeze trickling against my body and that feeling alone really uplifted my mood.

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