Manifest 101

I know I am not the only one has heard the word manifest. We all probably first heard the term from the book, The Secret. Now I must admit, I thought it was a bunch of baloney; however, I have decided to give this word some insight.

What does Manifesting mean?
“Acquiring the experience of what it is you want to feel, and living in that experience, and then allowing that experience to come into form” – Gabrielle Bernstein

You are co-creating with the Universe, there are no such things as coincidences. Miracles occur naturally, and when they don’t something has gone wrong.

“Oh, I was thinking about that and it showed up”….thats how life is supposed to be. We get in the way, our limiting beliefs, our negative belief systemsfearsanxiety, our anger towards the past, our future tripping, All of this energy gets in the way of miracles to occur naturally. Therefore, we never realize all the abundance and good that is around….hence manifestation sounds like bulls***t.

How to Manifest? 

1. Clarity, get clear of what is that you want.

2. Get clear about the limiting beliefs, negative beliefs that are blocking you…preventing manifestation from happening.
Clean up your crap….believe in yourself. Believe it and be faithful to your belief. Do work that is needed to lease all those limiting beliefs (this will probably take some time…have patience). Look at how you are blocking yourself (we are speaking mentally here), and trust what the Universe/God will give you to tackle those limiting beliefs…they’ve got your back.

3. Healing….working on releasing the disbelief will be a daily process. The more we let go of the belief, the more we feel what it feels to be in the present of the manifestation.
“You cannot let your outside world dictate your internal condition, the outside world will reflect your internal condition”  –  Gabrielle Bernstein 
If you are letting the outside world tell you you’re not good enough then its a manifestation mishap…your allowing yourself to co-create that. The goal here to focus on the internal (on you).

4. Patience…
“Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety”
– A Course in Miracles 
Have that presence of being certain then we can allow, be in the know, be patient.

Start with cutting the crap out of your life…believing in yourself….to finally loving yourself.



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