Place of Peace

I’ve never really liked to swim or get in the water, but I love the beach and everything about its ambiance down to the mesmerizing beauty it exudes as if it’s purposely putting me into a deep trance, through which an overwhelming feeling of connection erupts within me to the source: love. I yearn for moments like this, these moments cradle my mind and soul into a strong, unbreakable union. Here the ego is not welcome, and it knows better to not even try to interfere, or it’ll feel the warmth and love from the dancing wind as it caresses the palm trees, and the ocean waves as they glide through the water to kiss the sand. This is a place of peace, a place where my mind rides on cruise control and will not stop for any friend of fear: anxiety, self loathing, anger, frustration, etc. (fear has many more friends). I take myself to this beautiful paradise everyday (or at least try to) when the stresses of my reality rive up their training schemes to make my mind run faster and even longer to a destination it doesn’t even know.
The calmness and serenity I feel as I imagine the soft cushion of the cool sand touch my naked feet while I walk along the perfectly uneven shoreline and the glowing light of the sun hits my face, are enough to stop everything into stillness and focus, to awaken my spirit.


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