Month: April 2013


Standing at the edge of the pier as the strong winds ran through my hair and the lingering smell of algae went up through my nose into my consciousness; I suddenly felt re-awakened.

As the winds picked up and sped through the air as if they were running a marathon, a slow sensation came over me: of how good it feels to be alive, to be healthy and to be able to experience the most simple pleasures of life. In this moment a surge of gratitude came over me and a deep commitment to acknowledge it, to take it all in.

I believe its moments like these that awaken our spirit, our soul to guide us to self realization. We all experience it, and its arousal is caused by different things and situations, but the beautiful thing about it is that, as human beings we all relate to this feeling, this one jolt of awareness.


Life is your move

The writer within me tells me to write, but the thinker within me says this is not a good time, you can barely focus. How are you gonna be able to put two words together that make sense? The writer responds, its not making words into sentences or even making sense, its expression. Expression of the soul. There is never a perfect time or a right time for expression…anytime is the perfect time. Its up to you to make the move, to start. Expression is infinite, boundless and limitless. Its eternal. Express yourself!

Soul vs. Spirit

Like most of us I was unaware of anything to do with the words Spirit or Soul. I had heard these words before, but I’d never really understood their meaning. The dictionary definition of:

Soul – the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe (via)

Spirit – the activating or essential principle influencing a person or the vital principle held to give life to physical organisms (via)

To simplify, the soul is the embodiment of you beyond the physical form, it is who you are. You are life. You are a soul in a body. The soul chooses the body, the body does not choose the soul. Think of the body as the vessel the Soul embodies, but it is guided by Spirit to navigate this journey of life. So what is Spirit then? Spirit is your inward expression, the driving force behind what we think, say and do. It is your ‘true being’. The first step to a spiritual awakening is to know that Spirit is your innermost self, the Inner Center. We are first and foremost spiritual beings here on Earth for a purpose, to learn and spread Love. Therefore, the more aware you become of your thoughts, the more aware you are of your Spirit, your authentic self.

What does it mean to be Spiritual then?

To be spiritual means to be aware and in alignment with your Spirit. Once you gain an awareness of it you understand that looking inward is the only way to allow your external conditions to mirror how you feel inside. Many of us think its the other way around, that the external conditions dictate the internal condition. That is why we always tie our happiness, fulfillment, feeling of satisfaction, worthiness and success to people and external things, and when things don’t go right or people disappoint us we feel it internally, think something is wrong with that person or me. Creating an awareness of how you talk to yourself is a great place to begin. Do you talk down to yourself? Are you always self critical? Are you always judging yourself? We are our biggest critic and our best friend. Start by just being a friend to yourself. Then start to look at the beliefs you have about yourself, people, happiness, money, relationships, etc. and really try to see how that belief is only limiting you. If it is not serving you then you are only creating suffering and pain. Let it go. Remember: Your internal condition reflects your external experiences. Get down with looking inward for answers. That is where they are. The Universe has got your back, trust.


I deeply love and appreciate myself.
I choose to let go of the beliefs that no longer serve me.